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Full Truckload Shipping & Delivery

SaudiTrans Est. specializes in professional service for Trucking with personalized support.

Land transportation is at the core of our logistics services, which are designed to meet the needs of our clients’ supply chain across many industries.

We provide our customers with the ability to reach to all major cities of the Kingdom, across the GCC and to other Middle East and Levant countries through an efficient, safe and timely delivery service.

To meet the growing demands of consolidation and distribution in the retail and manufacturing sectors, SaudiTrans Est provides customized service with a full range of transport service solutions. By hiring and training the best people in the business and utilizing state-of-the arts tracking systems, we guarantee your shipment will reach its destination safely, reliably and in the most cost-effective way possible, while being respectful of the environment.

We offer the service of pullout and delivery of the shipment from sea ports, trucks for local move, trucks movement between the major cities of Saudi Arabia and to most cities within the GCC.

To serve critical time-bound delivery schedules of large corporations with their own in-house supply chain management, where transit time is crucial, saudiTrans offers Leased Trucks of various configurations, thus ensuring our customers a significant cost advantage and continuous availability of dedicated trucks and drivers.

Services Offered:

  1. Container transportation
  2. Land transportation to GCC countries and Levant (LTL and FTL)
  3. Break bulk movements
  4. Specialized Road Transport Vehicles
  5. Special and heavy equipment movements
  6. Flexible and timely arranging of cranes and forklifts
  7. Port operations
  8. Border clearance
  9. Door – to – door clearance
  10. Capable of handling perishable and dangerous goods cargo
  11. Fast and reliable services
  12. Tailor made solutions to customer requirements
  13. Flexible and time delivery services

To meet the specific requirements of clients we operates

This means optimum flexibility in terms of speed, routing and types of loads carried.

We move a variety of cargo that includes raw materials, automobile, industrial products, consumer durables, products, Steel, Pipes etc assuring consistency and efficiency in its operations and customer care.

We look forward to gaining your trust and to becoming your preferred logistics service provider in the region.

SaudiTrans offers real-time information about their fleet in transit and supported by well documented systems and procedures